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Welcome to the new version of the Wallpapers site. Recently we have made a lot of improvements on this site. From this point on, you can signup for free account, and you will get many enhancements while you will be browsing through the site.

This site contains a large collection of desktop wallpapers. We are covering this theme: celebrities, movies, animals, cartoons, space, nature, fantasy and many others. Each Desktop Wallpapers category have important information about it. The main categories are divided into many Subcategories for easier browsing through the site. Just point your mouse cursor on the left navigation window and start browsing your desired desktop wallpapers category.

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Every computer that is provided with a graphical desktop interface, wallpapers are the background patterns or pictures which are put in background of desktop menus, icons, and other elements are appearing on desktop. Wallpapers are used in all modern operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Debian and other Linux Distributions.


This site is dedicated mostly to the wallpapers (Desktop Images). We have huge collection of various desktop wallpapers which are sorted into many categories for easier browsing through site.

Our archive is updated on daily basis with new high quality desktop wallpapers which are in different resolutions to fit to any screen resolution on your computer. And the most important is that desktop wallpapers are free to download.

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This may hurt, says Hamilton as F1 gets back on track

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Triple world champion Lewis Hamilton is expecting to feel the pain, no matter how much he has worked out over the winter break, when Formula One's first pre-season test starts on Monday.

Islamic State planning attacks in Britain: anti-terrorism lawyer

LONDON (Reuters) - Islamic State militants are planning "indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians" in Britain on a scale similar to those staged by the Irish Republican Army 40 years ago, the head of the country's new terrorism watchdog said.

Human ancestors painted just like Van Gogh 38,000 years ago

Abri Cellier is a major site dating back more than 35,000 years ago located in the Vézère Valley in southern France. It is considered to be one of the major art-bearing sites for the Aurignacian culture, the earliest modern human culture to have taken roots in Europe. Recent excavations at the site have led to the discovery of new artworks, which have revealed a new link between Aurignacian artistic techniques and the work of iconic modern painters such as Vincent Van Gogh and Camille Pissarro.

How sci-fi imagines inhabitable solar systems like TRAPPIST-1

Earlier this week, NASA announced that its scientists had discovered a seven-planet solar system orbiting a star named TRAPPIST-1. For science fiction authors, this is affirmation of a long-standing trope. For decades, authors have imagined solar systems with multiple Earth-like planets that allow for human settlement, providing plenty of space for stories in television and literature.

Russian opposition activist leaves jail after court scrapped conviction

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia has released anti-Kremlin activist Ildar Dadin from a Siberian prison, freeing the first person jailed under new rules that made some forms of non-violent protest a criminal offence, his lawyer told Reuters on Sunday.

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